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The days of small businesses ignoring their environmental responsibility are long gone.


We make jewellery - a process which consumes resources and energy. Our goal is to make the best jewellery possible, while having the lowest environmental and sociological impact we possibly can. If you think there's anything we can improve upon to achieve this please let us know. 


For every ring ordered we will pay for a tree to be planted through more:trees. You can learn more about them and view our virtual forest here:

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Forest Trees

FSC Certified

We source the wood used in our rings from FSC Certified forests wherever possible. Where this isn't possible we ensure that we don't use any species highlighted as endangered or protected by the IUCN and CITES respectively.

For more detail follow the link below.

Note - the purpleheart we use is not one of the endangered species, and we only use Santos Rosewood (Pau Fero) - not the true endangered varieties. 

Single Use Plastic

There's just no need anymore! As far as is reasonably practicable we have done away with single use plastic in every part of our business and at every stage of production.


Here are a few of the things we do:

  • We only select suppliers who use sustainable packaging

  • We use paper based ring boxes and postal packaging (even tape)

  • We 3D print ring sizing blanks out of a bioplastic which is quickly home compostable and leaves no microplastics behind - find out more here

Trash on Beach
Green Energy Turbines

Renewable Energy

We're a small company with very low energy usage, but we do everything we can to further reduce our consumption. All the electricity we use comes from an energy supplier who only supplies electricity from 100% renewable sources.


We use propane to heat metal - there's no getting away from that! But we don't use much, and propane is very energy dense and burns cleanly. Our donation to plant trees is our effort to offset this gas usage. 

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