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Ring Sizing

We understand that buying a ring online can feel a little risky. What happens if it doesn't fit? Who's at fault? Will I have to pay to have it put right etc. When you order from Lakeland Rings you don't need to worry about any of that; our sizing guarantee takes the uncertainty and worry out of the process.

We're not big enough to have shelves of ready made stock that we can send out if there's a sizing error, and it's not really a sustainable approach. We make everything to order and we put a lot of effort into getting it right first time. 

When we first started, our approach was to make rings to exactly the size our customers requested when placing an order, but it didn't take long to learn that wasn't sustainable.     What happens if the ring doesn't fit when it arrives? Will you need to raise a complaint? Will you be asked to pay for it to be resized? Who's fault is it? The good news is that you don't have to worry about any of that when you order from us.

It turns out that ring sizing isn't as straightforward as you would expect. If you take a measurement using a narrow ring sizer (like the one pictured below) then order a wider ring, it could be as much as 3 sizes out! A wide ring covers more of your finger than a narrow one, so if you're a size T with a narrow sizer then go on to order an 8mm wide ring, you're more likely to need a size V or W.












Sizing is really subjective and depends entirely on an individual's hand, so there's no general rule we can apply that will satisfy everyone. To help we've come up with a solution which is (as far as we know) completely unique to us; 3D printed sizing rings. 

When you order a ring from Lakeland Rings you will need to enter a ring size and width - at this stage please view this as an estimate; we won't make your ring to this size unless you explicitly ask us to (more on this later).   

When we receive your order we will send you a set of 3D printed sizing rings in your chosen width and a few sizes either side of the one you chose. This will give you the opportunity to take your time in deciding which size feels best. If you're between two sizes that's fine, we can make half sizes. Also if you feel like you've selected the wrong width at this stage just ask us for some different width sizers and we'll send them out

If you're not sure what width you want then just leave a comment when you order and we can send several widths. The best bit about this is that the 3D printing filament we use is a bioplastic made entirely from fermentation, so it degrades back into nothing after several months in the garden or compost bin, leaving no microplastics behind. When you're done just snap them in half (so no small creatures get stuck in them) and throw them into the soil! 

if you've selected 'I have no idea' we will send you a metal sizer to gain an initial estimate - it would be great if you could send this back to us, but we expect to never see some of them again so don't worry too much.










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