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Unique to Lakeland Rings, our mountain range rings are made from recycled silver or gold and inlaid with real Lake District slate.  When we say inspired by the Lake District this is what we mean; but your design can be based on a skyline from anywhere in the world!

Some examples




Langdale Pikes



Each ring is custom made to order based on the mountain (or mountains) of your choice. You can either supply your own image or ask us to find one for you; we'll then design the ring and make sure you're completely happy before we make it. Below is an example of the design stages for a white gold wedding ring showing the view from the Chamonix valley. 


Source Image


Wraparound Design

3D Design

Finished Ring

If you can't decide which mountain to have then you don't have to settle. Below is an example of three mountains we've incorporated into a single wedding ring; each one full of memories for the groom. 


Your ring can be made to any size and in a range of widths. We generally recommend between 5-10 mm, though we can make them wider if desired. We can make them a little narrower if preferred, but this generally needs a shift to an 'edgeless' design; which we'll be adding to the site shortly. 

Not just rings...

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