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I've always wanted a website, but never really had a compelling reason to set one up - now I do! Creating this site has been a learning experience, and more than a little reminiscent of making a MySpace page back in the day. Fortunately for everyone I stopped short of adding my top 5 tracks and an animated background, but only just.

This site is intended as a place where Hayley and I can upload our creations, write a bit about them and (ideally) sell the occasional piece. It's literally been published for half a day at this point, so there will be errors. If you find them please contact us and point them out - which reminds me I need to add a contact us page.

Hopefully you like the site and the things we make. If you do then please share the site, like the facebook page and follow us on Instagram. We also have an Etsy site at, so marking us as a favourite shop would be a big help too.

If there's something about the site or the products that you think can be improved, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Any ideas for product variations or new designs would also be good.

I'll leave it there for now. Future posts will likely focus on how we make various products, or give me chance to geek out about how bendy certain varieties of wood are. Sure to be a thrilling read.



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