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Hello and welcome to the new Lakeland Rings blog. We thought this space would be a good opportunity to keep you updated with Lakeland adventures and our current inspirations. We're happy to write about whatever you'd be interested in here so any comments would be very welcome!

This Week in the Workshop

Rob has been very busy recently and working hard. Slate rings are proving especially popular at the moment, with or without waves, inlays or even mountain ranges! It is a great material to work with. We have used slate from different areas in the UK and it is amazing to see the variation in colour and texture once the slate has been ground down and (painstakingly) sanded. Each ring is completely unique. The photographs we take never seem to capture its true beauty.

We picked up some red sandstone from St Bees on a recent, rather windy day out. It has some sparkle which you can't quite see in the photo. We'll update you with how it turns out!

Pretty sandstone

St Bees

Do you have local slate in your area, or any other natural material you would like us to experiment with? We're always happy to trial new ideas and see how they work out.

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